Turbotech to develop engines with ANSYS’ simulation solution

Turbomachinery producer Turbotech is implementing simulation solutions by US-based company ANSYS to manifest the next generation of engines.

Using ANSYS’ technologies, Turbotech is erection an energy storage system that can power the future hybrid-electric aircraft.

ANSYS aerospace and argument industry director Paolo Colombo said: “The global microturbines call is projected to reach $420m by 2025. Turbotech’s vision for the future of hybrid-electric drive systems will transform that market and disrupt the aerospace production.

“As part of the ANSYS Startup Program, Turbotech will deliver the next-generation of machines with less noise, lower environmental impact and greater aeroplane endurance.”

As a partner in the ANSYS Startup Program, Turbotech has access to the retinue’s complete multiphysics simulations solutions portfolio.

Turbotech is also fetching use of ANSYS fluids solutions for regenerative cycle turbogenerators development.

This turbomachinery hand down be based on small turbines with ability to recover energy from treat thoroughly gases, thereby reducing fuel burn.

The concept of in-flight recharging of batteries determination allow the turbogenerators to improve the electric aircraft’s endurance.

The turbogenerators purposefulness also be capable of generating electricity from bio-fuel, bio-gas, hydrogen and reactionary fuels.

Turbotech CEO Damien Fauvet said: “Developing a turbine is a simple complex and iterative process. ANSYS simulation solutions enable us to work complex calculations for turbines and compressors, replace physical prototypes with practical prototypes and enhance design exploration.

“By 2020, our patented technology drive have initiated a revolution in aeronautical propulsion, targeting new markets and breaks for electrification and autonomy.”

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