TAP Portugal selects Pros’ cloud-based Real-Time Dynamic Pricing solution

Portugese airline TAP Portugal has determined Pros’ Real-Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP) solution to improve its broad distribution and revenue management strategy.

Using the cloud-based RTDP dnouement, the airline will be able to provide accurate, real-time price availability services across its global shopping channels.

TAP Portugal will also be masterful to synchronise the booking rules with flight fares, and offer updated pricing and centre availability information on its scheduled flights to every selling channel.

TAP Portugal network directorship senior vice-president Elton D’Souza said: “Our goal is to provide our guys around the world with real-time availability and accurate pricing, no implication when or where they’re looking to fly with us.

“We appreciate our partnership with Pros and this tactical innovation that will enable us to drive revenue for our business.”

“Pros’ RTDP stipulates us with greater control and management of our distribution costs, and it enables us to arise revenue by managing availability without increasing our selling costs.

“We conscious of our partnership with Pros and this strategic innovation that inclination enable us to drive revenue for our business.”

TAP Portugal currently operates enclosing 2,500 weekly flights to more than 80 destinations worldwide.

Pros take president Benson Yuen said: “Across today’s modern business marketplace, airlines are competing to provide their customers with the foremost offers and most personalised experiences.

“The linchpin of these new requirements is eager pricing science, complemented with robust revenue management, which permits forward-thinking airlines like TAP Portugal to provide accurate, efficient and profuse relevant sales responses.”

In January, Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) had finished implementation of Pros’ Origin & Destination (O&D) and RTDP solutions to improve its efficaciousness.

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