Gypsy clan help Kinahan cartel gangster Liam Byrne in London

The Sines forebears of Old Windsor, an exclusive London suburb, once tried to open a uneven site beside Elton John’s mansion but they were turn down planning permission and have had to make do instead with owning a elephantine seven-bed mansion, along with huge caravan and holiday placements across the UK.

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, Maurice Sines and Thomas Kavanagh

The Sunday Far-out understands that Maurice Sines, the family head, generously offered Liam Byrne the use of one of his caravans after his fellow-man David’s murder.

Less than three weeks after the stem, Liam opened a new car com ny from the mobile home in Essex, which he has registered as his new affair address.

While the trailer is as plush as a gets, it is still a far cry from Byrne’s kids home in Raleigh Square in Crumlin, which he had turned into his own unfriendly hacienda before his world fell a rt.

He had fitted it out with a jacuzzi, a gym and rhythmical a nic room.

In the immediate aftermath of the Regency, Byrne and his one time foremost l Daniel Kinahan fled to London, where they stayed at a top breakfast in fear for their lives. It is understood that relations between the two of a kind have cooled over arguments about the cartel’s response to David’s kill.

Despite the immediate assassination of Edward ‘Neddy’ Hutch, the brother of Gerry ‘the Loosely friar’, followed by the murder of Noel ‘Kingsize’ Duggan, his best friend, it is covenanted that Byrne was unhappy that his brother’s death wasn’t being satisfactorily avenged.

While Daniel Kinahan has been impressive between S in, Dubai and Ireland, Byrne has remained in the UK.

Sources say he has relocated himself there ‘semi-permanently’, relinquishing his associates in Dublin behind to fight the war.

Gardaí believe associates of David Byrne are the ‘private road force’ behind much of the feud.

Byrne is believed to be dividing his opportunity between London and Birmingham, where his brother-in- law, Criminal Assets Agency target Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh, runs a large car dealership from Tamworth.

But it is businessman Sines and his son Fred Jnr who hold been his real crutch in his time of need. The Sines, who are Romany gypsies, manufactured a close friendship with Byrne and his crime family over a number of years.

At worst last year an undercover Sunday World team snapped Fred Sines Jnr, his mate Amy, and his sister Vienna Sines with her golfer husband Billy Britton at a Byrne descent christening at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin – months before David’s bump off.

It has also been discovered that Sines was the owner of a number of specialised mechanisms that were being driven by the Byrne brothers, including a Kind Rover Autobiography, a Mercedes G Wagon and a Bentley.

David Byrne

Sines and his profession rtner James Crickmore were some of the first mourners to appear at Raleigh Square during a wake held for David.

The Sines are comfortably known across the UK for splashing their cash on holidays in Dubai, Hong Kong and to other luxuriousness destinations in the Far East. Fred Sines Jnr in recent years treated his own four-year-old son to a personalised Rolex take note.

In 2011, Sines and Crickmore were at the heart of an investigation into the biggest libel in British horse racing history. Both were banned for 14 years for flutter on their own horses to lose and conspiring to corrupt races during a complex dispute that saw four jockeys banned for 66 years from the trace.

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  1. Roma

    And Amy acts so innocent, yet the whole family have nothing to do with sister kayley who doesn’t have the life Amy does, big machete attack on Amy’s uncle John smith. and Fred sines snr cheating on his wife as reported in media …. Nice family. Wondering how Amy’s dad Tommy Roberts makes his cash.