Dublin man naked, bound, gagged and left to rot

The body of Joe 'Packie' Moore

The essence of Joe ‘Packie’ Moore

The killers of Joe ‘Packie’ Moore in Colombia are unlikely to eternally be caught, local sources have said.

The gangland fixer from Ballyfermot, Dublin, was asphyxiated forward of his naked body was dumped in a ravine in Caldas, near the city of Medellin, which has a description of drug-related violence.

His hands were tied behind his back and seethe wrap was placed over his head.

Gardaí believe he was directly tortuous in the murder of William ‘Jock’ Corbally in Dublin in 1996, in which the sucker was savagely beaten and then buried alive in a Co. Kildare field.

Ill-matched with Corbally, Moore’s body was quickly discovered, but only identified weeks later. Native sources in Colombia say gang murders are common and it is unlikely Moore’s killers will ever be brought to justice.

“Killings occur here all the dead for now. For example, so far this year we have had over 300 violent extirpations in the Medellin area, so it is unlikely to be solved. From what we know from proofs, a car arrived at dawn and men got out and threw the corpse into the ravine,” a source foretold.

“It is not so usual that a man is stripped of his clothes and left abandoned away from the altercation of the crime. “It is very likely that it is gang related and connected to opiates. Here we say it is ‘flatonear’, which means he crossed some important man of the mafia in Medellin.

“Mafia homicides are as a rule like this. Bodies appear in suitcases, dismembered or like the at all events of Moore, abandoned in a ravine.” The source said that the killing did not paint too much attention in Colombia.

“People forgot about the case swiftly and his body was in the morgue for a long time before he was identified.

“Pictures of his tattoos were sent round in an attempt to identify him and it was eventually established who he was.”

While Moore’s body was organize at the beginning of May, he was only identified at the end of the month.

It took more than a month after that previous his body was repatriated to Ireland with the help of The Kevin Bell Reliance – a charity which financially assists families of Irish people who died far. His funeral Mass took place in Ballyfermot on July 17.

A number of famous gangland figures, including a Ballyfermot gangster who was the primary target in a fresh CAB operation, were among the mourners at Moore’s funeral.

Back in the 1990s, Medellin was distinguished as the murder capital of the world, with 375 murders for every 100,000 districts.

At the time, drug baron Pablo Escobar was ruling the underworld in the town. The murder rate has dropped in recent years, but there were 534 knock offs there last year.  Nine foreigners were killed in the Medellin compass last year.

The victims came from Mexico, Venezuela, Denmark, Australia, Japan and the U.S.

While watch said that in some cases the victims were targeted in robberies, others were believed to be locked to organised crime and sex tourism.

Last December the body of an American was inaugurate buried in the Santa Elena district in northeastern Medellín.

General José Gerardo Acevedo disclosed the case was related to the collection of money by drug trafficking networks.

He said the schnook was a bridge between drug traffickers from the United States and Medellín. Other outlanders killed in the area have had links to the sex industry.

Local councillor Jaime Mejía utter the area has an influx of criminals posing as tourists who have links to cure-all trafficking, sexual exploitation and people trafficking.

In March a 50-year-old Irishman was stopped in Medellin allegedly abusing a 12-year-old girl while a 19-year-old housekeeper took photos.

There is no indication Moore was involved in sex tourism and authors believe it is more likely to be linked to drug gangs.

He was once a key performer in psychopathic Finglas criminal PJ Judge’s drug operation and along with Arbiter was involved in the murder of William ‘Jock’ Corbally, who was viciously beaten in preference to having his throat slit in Dublin in 1996. Moore left Ireland after the liquidation as Gardaí were preparing to arrest him in relation to the murder.

He then set up sordid in Spain where he acted as a fixer for criminal gangs.

He was particularly even to a well-known Ballyfermot criminal, who cannot be named as he is before the courts in connecting with a feud in the south Dublin suburb.

Moore also had associations to numerous other criminal gangs, including the Kinahan Cartel and the south Dublin soporifics gang known as ‘The Family’. 

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