Antonov and Volga-Dnepr to shut down Ruslan International freighter joint venture

22 November 2016

Antonov Pty is set to close down its Antonov An-124-100 joint venture com ny Ruslan Cosmopolitan by 31 December.

Established in 2006 along with Russia’s Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Ruslan Oecumenical is involved in the extra-large and heavyweight cargo market.

Antonov Com ny president Oleksandr Kotsiuba declared: “Antonov Airlines’ activities are supported by Antonov Com ny’s in-house aim and development ca bilities, providing unrivalled expertise for the most challenging logistic conjure ups.

“We will continue to offer these proven and reliable airframes to the furnish for many years to come.”

“As the maintenance authority and life extension establishment, we will continue to offer these proven and reliable airframes to the sell for many years to come.”

The com ny also noted that its new UK-based Antonov Airlines line-up would lead the global sales and operations of the Antonov An-124-100 merchandise aircraft.

Developed on the basis of AN-124 Ruslan heavy military happiness aircraft, Antonov An-124-100 is the biggest heavy lifter in the world.

Designed to convey heavy and oversized cargo and various special-purpose vehicles, the aircraft spotlights a double-deck fuselage layout.

The upper deck of an Antonov An-124-100 comprises the cockpit, recess crew com rtment and cargo attendants’ cabin, while the lower deck lists a pressurised cargo com rtment.

Antonov Airlines currently operates seven Ruslan aircraft.

A expert in oversized and super-heavy cargo transportation market, Volga-Dnepr Airlines currently manages a fleet of ten Antonov-124-100 Ruslan and five Ilyushin-76 freighter aircraft.

The coterie annually transports more than 60,000t of cargo to over 80 nations worldwide.

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