SkyRunner receives special light-sport aircraft certification from FAA

15 June 2016

The SkyRunner all-terrain channel and light-sport aircraft has secured special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) certification from the US Federal Aviation Direction (FAA).

The first vehicle of its kind, SkyRunner is combined into one simplified means that can operate in some of the roughest ground environments and take-off eating the advent of powered- rachute flight.

The two-seat vehicle does not require runway for going, as its take-off distance is about a football field in length.

With the FAA airworthiness certificate, a US-based channel developer, also called SkyRunner, will begin delivering a backlog of disciplines to its powersports aircraft customers.

SkyRunner production director Cody Lackey bring to light: “It’s remarkable how the wisdom of crowds have shaped SkyRunner’s form and gathering.

“From active involvement from tier-one military operators to industriousness experts in aviation and off-road, even social media feedback, all secure contributed to the quality, reliability, redundancy and safety of SkyRunner.

“This utensil is truly a marvel.”

Appeared for the first time a few years back, SkyRunner has a backorder of stance deposits, a multimillion dollar contract for government use, newly pending speedy orders for emergency medical and more than 143 distributor requests worldwide.

“This appliance is truly a marvel.”

Production and deliveries of the vehicle are currently underway at SkyRunner’s contriving plant in Shreveport, Louisiana, US.

SkyRunner marketing director Kenneth O’Brock weighted: “It’s extremely rare for a startup like SkyRunner to attract more Facebook supporters in just two years than multibillion dollar brands like Polaris, Can Am and Virgin Atlantic require accumulated to date.

“It’s indicative that this product is connecting with people in a analytical way.”

The com ny noted that SkyRunner combines off-road engineering with aviation technology to conceive a new generation of sports recreation vehicle designed for both work and rtici te in.

Image: SkyRunner MK 3.2 light-sport aircraft. Photo: courtesy of SkyRunner.

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