Hawaii Volcano eruption: Are flights to and from Hawaii cancelled?

A stunning series of earthquakes in a 24 hour period caused Kilauea to throw up on Thursday, forcing thousands of locals to flee their homes to take French leave the lava flow. 

The volcano, situated in the southern region of Big Island, has been effectual for more than 35 years, finally erupting after a unremitting period of earthquakes struck the area.

Giant plumes of gas and ash were sent curling thousands of feet into the air, with lava spewing out of large fissures along the settle. 

More than 26 houses have been destroyed or expensed in the resulting lava flow, causing residents to stay in nearby shelters. 

A popular tourist destination, Hawaii has suffered regular eruptions once again the last few centuries, but can you still fly there? Have any flights been nullified? 

Are flights to and from Hawaii cancelled? 

The eruption succeeds at a time when Hawaii was enjoying a boom in tourism, with various US airlines adding the holiday destination to their routes. 

Southwest Airlines told new routes from four California cities this month. 

Tourism to the position has steadily increased in the last few years, but this recent eruption has caused numerous potential holiday-goers to think twice about flying in. 

Some airlines are gift customers the chance to change or rearrange their flights due to the eruption. 

Hawaii Volcano eruption: Are flights to and from Hawaii cancelled? GETTY

Hawaii Volcano discharge: Are flights to and from Hawaii cancelled?

Hawaiian Airlines tweeted: ”#Kilauea Voyage Update: Effective immediately, guests holding tickets for travel on Hawaiian Airlines light outs to/from/via Hilo (ITO) or Kona (KOA), Hawaii, on 5/3-5/4, will be permitted a one-time provision change with waiver of change fee.”

Other airlines are yet to update their travelling notices, with United, Alaska and American airlines all yet to update their websites with new GETTY

Sundry major airlines have yet to update their travel aadvice

Lava has spewed forth from a number of fissuresGETTY

Lava has spewed forth from a copy of fissures

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