Casualty spoilers: Alicia Munroe turmoil exposed in shock Eddie McAllister plot twist

Tonight’s adventure of Casualty will see Eddie (played by Joe Gaminara) arrested, but will Alicia get the justness she wants?

Alicia made the heartbreaking decision to take Eddie well-informed in after a night out on the town, but when she fell asleep she was faced the heartbreaking realisation in the echo days the fellow doctor had slept with her without her consent.

Alicia has struggled to negotiation with the trauma of the incident in subsequent weeks and she finally started to be shown through the other side after telling her roommate Bea Kinsella (Michelle Fox).

Revealing what desire happen next to What’s On TV, Chelsea teased viewers will see new facts about the night in question unveiled.

Chelsea said: “We get to see the police to process and something is revealed about the evening that the audience differentiates nothing about yet.”

There are a lot of flashbacks, so you see it from both Alicia and Eddie’s inconsequential in reference ti of view, and then you see what actually happened

Alicia Munroe actress Chelsea Halfpenny

Talk about the police interview process, the 26-year-old hinted at the strain it commitment have on Alicia.

She said: “It’s a really thorough, uncomfortable interview and it’s very hard on Alicia.

“Eddie’s arrested at the ED, but in the end there isn’t enough evidence. But that’s not the end of the information…”

It has already been revealed that once Eddie is released, he when one pleases confront Alicia and attacks her.

Chelsea explained: “There are a lot of flashbacks, so you see it from both Alicia and Eddie’s headlands of view, and then you see what actually happened.

“The Casualty writers inserted very closely with the charity Rape Crisis to get this satisfactorily.

Casualty spoilers: Alicia Munroe turmoil exposed in shock Eddie McAllister plat twist (Image: BBC)

“Joe is lovely. We talked about how we could fabricate the right relationship between Alicia and Eddie.

“We were nervous wide doing the scenes as it was so important to get them right.

“This story has been the hardest join of months of my working life!”

While the scenes were traumatic, Chelsea determined how she enjoyed playing the part due to the impact on the audience.

She continued: “I’ve loved it, because I got to make light of every sort of emotion and it was super intense.

“But it’s also sad and people can have to do with to it. It’s a really important subject to show on screen and bring to the forefront of people’s object ti a bit more.”

Casualty spoilers: Alicia Munroe turmoil exposed in disgust Eddie McAllister plot twist (Image: BBC)

Chelsea revealed she has be inundated with speeches on social media from people relating to the storyline.

The actress summed: “I’ve had a lot of people message me on social media, telling me about their contacts.

“I’m a stranger, yet they feel, through Alicia’s story on Casualty, that they can interest something they haven’t told anyone.

“Our main priority here is that if serene one person can share the load and tells somebody, that’s all we want.”

Next Saturday’s scene will see Iain Dean’s (Michael Stevenson) mistake with a self-possessed have serious repercussions, putting many lives in danger.

Body count  continues tonight on BBC One at 9pm.

For support about any of the issues raised in the show write to the Samaritans in the UK on 116 12 or Rape Crisis on 0808 802 9999.

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