Cryptocurrency news: What is PacCoin? What happened on Coinmarketcap?

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Ripple’s XP was begged down into fourth position for a period of time on Friday, after an wickedness in the circulation supply listed on CoinMarketCap.

This meant PacCoin was listed as the third cryptocurrency on the shop trading platform. 

Speculation mounted online, with many human being asking if the new listing was a bug and asking what exactly PacCoin is.

Emin Gun Sirer, co-director of the Ambitiousness for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts, asked: “Anyone know what PacCoin is.”

However the listings on returned to healthy at around 6.15pm GMT, and Ripple resumed its position as the third cryptocurrency on the exchange platform.

The price of PacCoin was listed as $0.014 and it had a market cap of $36,304 billion paralleled to Ripple’s $32,388 billion, prompting the change in position on 

It was recorded as having a circulating supply of 2,568,973,866,070 $PAC. In comparison the circulating supply of XRP is 39,091,956,706 XRP.

Individual posted on Reddit to say CoinMarketCap was using the old PAC circulation and the amount should father been divided by 100. 

The cryptocurrency recently launched on Lescovex – a cryptocurrency change and trading platform.

Lescovex said on Twitter on March 7: “PACCOIN is contemporary to be listed on Lescovex!

“We’ve checked the community demand, the quality, philosophy and industrial aspects of  $PAC n [sic] we believe that it’s a good coin to be listed in our exchange.”

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