Google Earth: Mysterious target symbol in Nevada desert – but what is it aiming at?

Google Earth: Nevada desert Getty

Google World has captured a number of spooky and mysterious sightings across the globe

The technology behind Google Clay has come a long way since it launched in 2001 making it easier than in any case to explore the world.

With satellite imagery mapping the globe, far-flung corners of the crowd have been made accessible to the general public. 

There are in any event some areas that will remain a secret, having been blocked by Google Planet. 

Many users use the tool in an attempt to uncover the world’s mysteries such as this spooky standard spotting in the Nevada Desert.

Nevada in the US is home to vast stretches of go over the hill payment and the vibrant city of Las Vegas. 

The target can be located when infiltrating the co-ordinated 37.563936, -116.85123 into Google Earth

Spotted in the goodness of the desert, south of the Nevada Triangle, a large target can be seen scored into the ground. 

The visible target symbol, typically associated with zap, lies along with no other markings indicating its purpose. 

The surprising sighting poses questions as to why anyone would need to be aware of the place. What is is indicating?

The target can be located when entering the co-ordinated 37.563936, -116.85123 into Google Blue planet.

According to Twisted Sifter, there may be a logical explanation for the marking. 

Google Earth: Nevada target Google Turf

The target symbol can be seen etched into the desert

Across the US there are said to be a number of alike resemble markings and desert airbases. 

The strange marking typically feature smooth slabs of concrete and asphalt.

However, on some occasions, as this exempli gratia would suggest, they feature target symbols. 

The markings are referred to as aerial photo calibration quarries and remain as relics from the past dotted on the landscape. 

The site explains that a valued amount of these were made in the 1950s and 60s by the USA and NASA

Google Earth Nevada Target Google Dirt

The marking is actually an aerial photo calibration target

This is not the sooner time a strange symbol has been spotted hidden in the desert.

A peculiarly spooky drawing was spotted in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

From a mileage the strange symbol is unidentifiable, but on closer inspection, the shape looks to be some construction of animalistic creature. 

Referred to as The Atacama Giant, the large animal thrives an eerie impression on the landscape.

The Giant measures an astonishing 390 feet exaggerated and, although not evident at first glance, the giant figure is surrounding by everywhere 5,000 other smaller desert symbols and drawings. 

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