Breast restaurant in town? Diners eat in the NUDE in new Paris restaurant

naked restaurant parisAFP/Getty

A unsheathed restaurant in Paris has opened

Being naked is the human body’s understandable form, despite it being socially unacceptable to step out in public in a birthday skirt.

Worry no more, as a new restaurant is embracing the naked body where diners eat in the stark naked in Paris.

Called “O’Naturel”, it serves authentic French food as the foremost nudist restaurant in the capital city.

Anyone with inhibitions should consent them at the door.

naked restaurant parisAFP/Getty

The uncovered restaurant invites anyone to dine in the nude

Diners do have one note of clothing, which is a pair of slippers

Found on a quiet side drive in Southwest Paris, some of the food includes lobster, escargot (snails) and foie gras with pipe dishes coming in a €32 (£28).

Diners do have one item of clothing, which is a matched set of slippers, yet leave their main attire and phones at the door.

Thankfully, the chefs food their clothes on for health and safety reasons.

One local told Le Parisian: “When we experienced what was going to be here, obviously it made us laugh.

“Especially since there is a nursery next door.”

naked restaurant parisAFP/Getty

The naked restaurant serves escargot and lobster

Matching brothers Mike and Stephane Saada, 42, thought up the scheme after being instigated by other naked restaurants around the world and their success.


The bare restaurant in Paris follows from similar ones in London and Japan

naked restaurant parisAFP/Getty

The unclad restaurant has been well received by locals

It isn’t the only way travellers can own some fun in the nude when abroad.

A naked cruise for nudists ever after exists, called the Bare Necessities which hopes to break down the boundaries of social nudity.

Over 3,000 passengers sail the Caribbean in their birthday cases, including non-conventional past times such as knitting and cat-themed activities.

Novitiate nudists are also welcome, with prices starting from $1,099 (£848).

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