You’ll never guess what David Beckham’s former PA Rebecca Loos is doing now…

Rebecca hit the headlines in 2004 when she rose with the footballer when he moved to Real Madrid.

The star whacked on to feature in several reality shows including Celebrity Love Archipelago in 2005 and played for the England Women’s football team in a Sky TV charity regardless.

She infamously shocked viewers on Channel 5’s The Farm as she stimulated a pig to extract a flask of semen.

Fourteen years on, Rebecca is seen physical a more quiet life in the mountains in Norway.

The brunette regularly updates her 5,850 Instagram apprentices about her wholesome family life in the Scandinavian wilderness.

She is now married to Sven Christjar Skaiaa, after they met while she cropped in reality show 71 Degrees North.

The couple have two sons together, Magnus, nine, and Liam, six.

On her Instagram point, Rebecca states she’s on a mission to “spread the joy of yoga, the love of nature and the power of a instil based diet”.

In a recent post of her children playing on the trampoline, Rebecca allowed she is “grateful” for her past as he wouldn’t have got her to where she is today.

She said: “This genus life close to nature, where less is more, where we congregate moments and not things.


David Beckham’s former PA Rebecca Loos is from the word go different now


Rebecca Loos fancies doing yoga in the Scandinavian wilderness


Rebecca Loos busies in Norway with her sons and husband

“So grateful for my journey, all I have lettered and where it has brought me today.”

Although Rebecca has swapped her glitzy lifestyle for mountains, the beauty still knows how to let her hair down.

In a recent sizzling hasty, the mother-of-two ditched her clothes and bared her breasts to the camera.

Rebecca took a envision of herself with her arm over her voluptuous bosom while her friends arranged topless behind her.

In another photo, the stunner showcased her incredible numerate in a plunging leopard print bikini.


Rebecca Loos divested her assets in a cheeky Instagram snap


Rebecca Loos swaggered off her figure in a leopard print bikini

The two-piece, which is from Elizabeth Hurley’s beachwear spread, put Rebecca’s assets on full display.

Rebecca, who has appeared in many mens’ publications including Playboy, Nuts, and FHM, also has a blog about living in the Scandinavian wilderness.

Before speaking to the Mail Online about her new life, she said: “I clean the whore-house, scrub the bathroom, make dinner every night, do the washing.

“I have sex caring for my home and family.”

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