Pointless: Richard Osman drops bizarre Margaret Thatcher fact stuns Alexander Armstrong

In the girl Friday round of tonight’s Pointless, those watching at home saw the category ‘Maids in History’. Contestants had to identify famous women from six clues and their firsts and when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s name was mentioned, co-host Richard Osman couldn’t lend a hand but dish out an unusual fact. 

Richard explained to the contestants the twelve broads were drawn from Jenni Murray’s book, A History of Britain in 21 Dailies.

In the first group of six women available for the first player in each body to select, there was one familiar Margaret.

The clue read: “Born Margaret Hilda Roberts in 1925, she became Prime Care for of the UK in 1979 (MT)”.

Scott, the first player to play the board, said in reaction to the round, “It’s not the best one I could ask for, but I know one of them. It’s Margaret Thatcher.”

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“Just before the show we walk along and say hello to person,” he said. 

“Laura pointed out that it’s England versus Scotland versus Northern Ireland versus Wales today. That’s sharp.

“We can finally work out once and for all which is best.”

Today’s fact far Margaret Thatcher and the Concorde panda is almost as riduiculous as a recent adventure.

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