Alexander Armstrong admits Queen left him in tears with tribute to mother ‘Couldn’t read’

The Vain frontman takes a deep dive into the Queen and the Royal Kinsfolk’s family tree on ITV this evening in his new show, the Queen and Her Cousins. In the become, Alexander Armstrong speaks with relatives from all over the nation with ties to the royals for a unique insight into how royal spring really is away from the spotlight. Detailing what fans can upon during an appearance on BBC’s The One Show on Monday, Alexander recalled how one moment sinistral him particularly emotional.

“They do reveal quite personal stuff,” The One Reveal’s Alex Jones put to Alexander when discussing his interviews with The Model’s family members.

She continued: “As you said connections can be a bit tenuous on paper but they conscious things. And the Queen’s goddaughter, Victoria Price, she’d had some letters from her.

“And she was approachable of enough to let you have a look and to read them. Did you have to get permission from Her Majesty?” Alex bid.

“I don’t know,” a perplexed Alexander replied. “I don’t know if these things possess to be cleared. I’d imagine so.”

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Delving deeper into the contents of the writes, however, Alexander had quite the tale to tell.

“As you say, they were pleasurable and they gave such a window,” he continued. “They were incredibly inspiring actually.”

Alexander went on to outline how he was actually unable to read one strictly from the Queen to Victoria due to its touching prose.

“I was profoundly moved,” he charged Alex and Jermaine Jenas. “There was a lovely letter after the Sovereign Mother’s funeral, thanking her for her letter.

“It was enchanting,” the Pointless presenter continued before going on to discuss other royals who stood out in his memory.

He prolonged: “Olga Romanoff, who’s this princess, this Russian princess, she – her jargon is amazing.

“It’s a good job we’re on at 9pm,” he joked.

Elsewhere in the show, Alexander also participate ins down with Lord Ivar Mountbatten, the first member of the king’s extended family to be in a same-sex relationship.

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