Matt Baker LEAVES The One Show to ‘self-isolate’ amid ongoing coronavirus outbreak

Alex Jones was progressive on her own on The One Show today as the BBC programme opened with an empty spot to her right-hand side. It some time became clear her co-host Matt Baker had “self-isolated” and would be “run from home” as coronavirus fears and prevention measures continue to lead conversation.

Alex opened The One Show in peculiar fashion as there was a innocent gap to her right-hand side.

Trying to stay positive, Alex chimed: “Justly hello, and welcome to your Tuesday’s One Show with me, Alex Jones,

“As you can see, look, the sofa is away. No Matt Baker.

“Like so many of you, he’s working from home today.”

Junctures later, Matt then appeared in the studio via video link to satisfy Alex and The One Show viewers in.

Speaking to Alex from his living cubicle quarters, Matt was joined by his pet dog.

He told Alex: “Yep, well, I’m at home, this is my Alex Jones tonight (his dog), this is Bob (teases).

“This afternoon we had the phone call, there’s four of us here in our household, one of us has a cough,

“So that means we’re support the Prime Minister’s advice.”


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