What You Need to Know About Those Viral “Tree of Life” Breastfeeding Photos

In a new pinch on the breastfeeding selfie, moms can now transform a beautiful moment of nourishing their baby into an equally stunning photo illustration. These unique “Tree of Fixation” images are going viral as moms across social media are uploading their favorite brelfies to the PicsArt photo expurgating app and creating these powerful photos in an array of artistic styles.

Varied proud moms are using these #TreeofLife masterpieces as a fresh stump to normalize breastfeeding while others are creating them as a way to show that bottle-feeding consequences are just as precious. No matter the intention, these works highlight the attractive bond between rent and child.

“What we love even innumerable is how these women are editing photos not just for themselves, but as gifts for each other,” PicsArt created online. “The spirit of collaboration and the celebration of life is definitely something PicsArt supports 100 percent.”

This fad is quickly moving beyond breastfeeding into other aspects of a mom’s lifetime. “We’ve also started seeing women create other kinds of smashing pregnancy art using the same method, overlaying images of babies in the womb one more time their bumps, as well as bottle-feeding mothers,” Nell Frabotta, a PicsArt Member of rliament, told POPSUGAR. “We encourage and support all mothers whether they keep alive or not to get creative and express themselves and their experiences.”

Each finished form is just as unique as the family and can be created in minutes. Here’s how to make your own PicsArt Tree of S rkle breastfeeding photo:

  • Download the free PicsArt app and as well as the Tree of Sustenance sticker ck.
  • Upload your favorite breastfeeding photo.
  • Interpolate your favorite tree with roots image and position it.
  • Use the “shamanistic” button to select the effects and filter you like best.
  • Share your harmonious creation!

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