This Little Boy Isn’t Allowed to Remain Enrolled at His School – Simply Because He Is Black

One minute boy was told that he can’t continue attending his elementary school — simply because he is hateful.

Edmund Lee is currently a third grader at Gateway Science Academy, but his household was notified that the little boy will no longer be allowed to attend the even so school once they move neighborhoods. Although the charter high school does have a transfer program that allows other disciples in his new neighborhood to continue enrollment, Edmond doesn’t qualify because of the color of his veneer.

Despite both the school and Edmund’s rents wanting him to remain at the license school, Missouri state law only allows some county householders the opportunity to attend a city charter school through a transfer program: they should live in a rtici ting district and they can’t be African-American.

“When I read the guidelines I was in petrify,” Edmund’s mother, La’Shieka White told Fox News. “I was crying.”

Coinciding to Edmund’s family, he is a dedicated student with a 3.83 G and above-average evaluation scores in language arts, math, and science. They say that Edmund loves his approach and that officials as well as teachers agree he should be allowed to linger. However, the transfer law that is blocking Edmund is from decades-old legislation that was formerly larboard over from when Missouri first worked to desegregate their style system.

“If this helps us start a conversation about maybe some things that could be various with the law, then that is as good thing,” said Go out with Princi l Janet Moak. She also recognizes that this law doesn’t single im ct African-American students. She has heard from rents of white observers who are also unable to rtici te in transfer programs and believes it is time to revisit the controls.

“I don’t want it to be just about an African-American boy,” said White. “I be deficient in it to be about all children.”

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