Revealed: Ireland’s most wanted man amid deadly gangland feud

Jonathan Keogh is skin out in the north of England but gardai want to speak to him in relation to information on put aways believed to be carried out on behalf of the Kinahan cartel.

In particular, they after to ask him about his whereabouts on the morning of Gareth Hutch’s murder at Avondale Quarter – just a stone’s throw from Keogh’s home in the north-inner borough.

Dad-of-one Hutch (35), a nephew of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, was chance dead as he was about to get into his car outside his flat on North Cumberland Alley, Dublin, on the morning of May 24 (scene pic below).

They also credit Keogh may have been drinking in the Sunset House pub shortly ahead dissident gunman Michael Barr was shot dead.

Keogh is arranged to have left Ireland following the brutal daylight shooting and is currently in the UK, where it is given he is hoping to set up home in the north of the country.

He has been visited regularly by his sharer and young baby but officers want to question him as soon as he comes residency.

Keogh grew up in the heart of Hutch territory in the north-inner city and was a classmate of tons of the extended family. He is also a close friend of Eamon Cumberton, the man cladding trial before the Special Criminal Court in relation to the murder of  Barr at the Sunset Organization.

Furthermore, he is a close pal of another criminal who is wanted for questioning in Ireland but who is currently physical outside the country.

Nicky McConnell (32), was arrested and questioned in the aftermath of the Gareth Hutch matricide but was released without charge. It is understood he is now wanted for further questioning in referring to to gang crime.

Jonathan Keogh was just 22 when he was caught in the very act making pipe bombs for the INLA, and was sentenced to eight years remand by the Special Criminal Court.

Although he denied he was a member of the INLA, he was establish guilty after he was caught in a Clondalkin premises with explosives, protect piping, metal caps, bulbs, batteries, wiring, propellant pound and 10cm-long nails.

He was nabbed along with Red ‘Gar’ Byrne, amongst others.

Byrne, from Tallaght, who recently urge a exercised as a security guard, is a close associate of Kinahan enforcer Paul Rice (under).

During their trial, Detective Superintendent Diarmuid O’Sullivan of the Individual Detective Unit told the court that gardai found Keogh and his co-accused Garreth Piggot, of Phibsboro Terrace, and others grouping Byrne, in an apartment at Park West along with all the components important to make pipe bombs.

He told the court that the pipe blow ups were being built for the INLA to use in their dealings with opiate dealers. Detective Superintendent O’Sullivan said that the INLA had behoove a “money making racket” using kidnapping, extortion and the use of explosive figures to threaten drug dealers.

Keogh was sent to Portlaoise Prison, where it is conceded he strengthened ties with INLA heavies. On his release from clink, he moved back into the north-inner city where he remained on the garda radar.

In the meantime, Cumberton was caused to a beating from former Real IRA boss Alan Ryan and sought safe keeping from local INLA figures, including Keogh.

The pair put together a tight friendship and Cumberton, a pal of Kinahan henchman Ross Browning, loosely enlist ined a grouping dubbed the ‘New INLA’.

Gardai investigating the feud murders suppose two members of a north-inner city hit squad travelled to Lanzarote last New Year’s Eve, where they become insolvent in an attempt to kill the Monk.

They believe the same duo, along with two other abettors, were paid €100,000 after killing his brother Eddie Hutch – dates after the murder of David Byrne.

The same hit team are suspected of being behind the genocide of Noel Duggan, and at least two other feud-related hits.

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