Gary Hutch’s brother and pals at risk of cartel attacks

 trick Hutch and James Gately

trick Hutch and James Gately

These inimical Sunday World images show trick Hutch carrying the pine box of his murdered brother Gary along with close l James ‘Mago’ Gately final September.

The killing was the s rk that lit the deadly gangland feud which blow ones top in the Regency Hotel with the military-style hit on Kinahan Cartel lieutenant David Byrne.

The Sunday Time understands that the two are among dozens of Hutch family members and girls who have now been warned that their lives are in danger.

Gately’s well-versed in in Coolock was raided in the weeks after the shootings and Gardaí have been constantly proctor a business premises he owns in the city centre.

trick Jnr was not connected to his fellow Gary’s to the seriosu criminal activity.

However he is now under constant reconnaissance by armed cops, along with other family members because the omen to their lives is deemed so high.

trick’s uncle Eddie Hutch was immediately dead in his north inner city home in retaliation for the Regency denigration, purely because of his surname.

trick’s other brother, Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch, has already endured a number of attempts on his life in prison and their father tsy was believed to own cheated death too when he took a last minute trip to the U.K.

There are also fears for Derek Hutch’s co-accused Keith Murtagh, who has not failed his time for the botched robbery.

Keith Murtagh and trick Hutch

Ross Hutch, Eddie Snr’s son, has been striking around a number of addresses over fears for his safety and Eddie Hutch younger has been living in fear since his father was callously gunned down.

Mnage head Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch has also been served with a GIM from Gardaí – the solemn forms given to people whose lives are under threat.

The Monastic has spent the week back at his home in Clontarf, where Gardaí suffer with also maintained an armed presence.

Other associates and close cohorts of the family have been warned to be extra cautious.

After a breathtaking week of Garda activity, the net is also closing on the Regency hit team linked to the Hutch conflict faction.

Detectives are racing against time to beat hit teams charter by the Kinahan Cartel, determined to avenge the murder of drug boss David Byrne.

They expect to make arrests in the coming weeks in relation to the Regency outrage.

They hold they have identified the man who dressed as a woman and was photographed fleeing the motel after the murder, as well as the flat-cap gunman – a rogue dissident republican from Tyrone.

They now also confidence in they have pinpointed three men dressed in Garda uniforms who stamped into the hotel with AK47 assault rifles at the weigh-in for the MGM sponsored boxing happening.

This week, former Sinn Fein Councillor Jonathan Dowdall’s adroit in was raided by officers probing the Hutch clan.

A Garda diver was draw oned in to search a pond at the back of the house and a large aquarium inside it. He was not checked and has not been charged with any offence.

Dowdall denied he had anything to do with organised wrong, but said he was a friend of Gary Hutch’s father, trick Snr. Mr Hutch does not must any involvement in organised crime.

Members of the family, including the Monk and his murdered relative Eddie, previously attending a charity white-collar boxing night which was rt-sponsored by the then Dublin New Zealand urban area councillor in 2014.

The other major breakthrough in the investigation came when Gardaí seized the three AK47s they hold are linked to the Regency assault. A man has been charged with possession of those weapons after they were seized in a car at Slane, Co. Meath remain Wednesday.

Shane Rowan, from Donegal, has also been charged with membership of the IRA at a last through of the Special Criminal Court.

The Sunday World has learned that Gardaí imagine the deadly assault rifles used in the murder of Byrne are likely to suffer with been rt of an old consignments sent from Libya to the Provos.

The finding highlights sinister links between city criminals, former Provos and nonconforming republicans north of the border. The weapons are an exact match to those smuggled into Ireland during the 1980s by the Provos.

North African overlord Colonel Gadaffi sent a series of huge arms caches to the Provisionary IRA.

It is thought that the AK-47s seized are those used in the Regency Hotel fill.

The Provos under the supervision of Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy, smuggled the weapons from Libya in a series of shipments.

By Nicola Tallant and Eamon Dillon

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