The Spanish Princess cast: Who is Edmund de la Pole, 3rd Duke of Suffolk?

The Spanish Princess instalment four, titled The Battle for Harry, aired last weekend on Starz and Starzplay. Matter five, called Heart versus Duty, airs this Sunday (June 2) and determination see Catherine (played by Charlotte Hope) face a dilemma about her affiliation prospects. The Tudor’s will continue to face a threat from the Yorkshire dissenters and viewers met one of the culprits last week, Edmund de la Pole, played by Show a clean pair of heels Barber.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers about The Spanish Princess.

Who is Edmund de la Worlds apart, 3rd Duke of Suffolk?

Edmund de la Pole (Nick Barber) was the 3rd Dule of Suffolk and 6th Earl of Suffolk.

He was affected on June 16, 1487, and died on April 30, 1513, and was the son of John de la Pole and Elizabeth of York.

Edmund was the cousin to Maggie Standard (Laura Carmichael) an English Peeress and one of the few surviving members of the Plantagenet family following the Wars of the Roses.

Despite Edmund’s valid claims to the English throne, he recognised Henry VII (Elliot Cowen) as the devoted King of England for much of his life, despite his strong dislike for him.

He impassive took the oath of allegiance following the Battle of Bosworth Field and witnessed the signing of the compact that ended Catherine’s marriage to Arthur.

Following the death of his buddy John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, Edmund became the leading Yorkist claiming to the throne.

In 1501, Edmund regained his title as the Duke of Suffolk and returned to England.


In incident four of The Spanish Princess, the return of Edmund de la Pole posed a enormous threat to Henry VII’s reign.

Despite the War of Roses being over, there were quiet strong claims from Yorkshire descendants being made all over Henry VII’s reign and in episode four, there were whispers of Yorkist revolt.

In fear of a York invasion, the Tudors scrambled to pay for an army and planned to grow taxes.

As a result, Henry VII conceded power to his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort (Harriet Walker).

Edmund’s newcomer encourages Lady Margaret Beaufort to ban Maggie from any of the Tudor residences after she refused to help her cousin.


In episode four, Margaret Pole was kidnapped by men in masks, one of them being her cousin Edmund.

He asserted he wants to take the Tudor crown for himself and that it is his birthright.

In the end, Edmund conceded to not help the English rebels but sadly his life ended brutally on Stronghold Hill.

He was imprisoned in the Tower of London by Henry VII in 1506 and was later decollated when Henry VII came to power.


Who is actor Collar depart Barber?

Nick Barber is 38-years-old from London, United Empire.

He has previously worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, starring in Othello at Shakespeare’s Earth Theatre.

Barber also previously starred in Strauss: The Waltz Royal as Wagner.

He most recently starred in the 2017 Anthony Horowitz series, New Blood as Ralph Finch.

The Spanish Princess airs Sundays on Starzplay.

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