The Society on Netflix spoilers: Who is the father of Becca’s baby?

The Camaraderie on Netflix ended with Becca Gelb (played by Gideon Adlon) apportioning birth to her baby, though she did not reveal who the father of Eden is. Sam Eliot (Sean Berdy) is acting to be the father of Becca’s baby in The Society, but the child’s true parentage has not been revealed. Netflix viewers, nevertheless, have found a few hints as to who the father could be.

Who is the father of Becca’s tot in The Society?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Society on Netflix

Becca has not revealed who the originator of the baby is in The Society yet.

When asked by Sam who the father actually was, she told him: “It was a faux pas, OK?”

She added the father was: “Nobody you know, so just leave it at that.”


This could mean the biological pop is not someone who got transported with the rest of The Society teens.

However, as the Netflix display ended with a return to the original town, we could meet him in age two if Netflix decides to commission more of The Society.

Alternatively, she is lying, either to conserve herself or the father of her child.

Either way, it seems as if we will find out in The Bund season two.


In a recent interview with Metro, Grizz actor Jack Mulhern was about a invited if he knew who the father of Becca’s baby is.

He said: “I do. I think I do. It’s a shocker, for solid. I imagine you’ll find it.”

Could this mean Grizz himself is the amazement father of Eden Gelb?

In The Society, Grizz and Sam had a huge argument when the last told his new boyfriend he was the father.

However, could this anger make actually been caused by Grizz freaking out after discovering he was a framer combined with anger due to knowing Sam was lying to him?

WHERE IS THE SOCIETY Motion pictured?

As Bustle said in their article about who the father of Becca’s boy is: “Grizz’s outrage doesn’t really seem so in line with his reassuring, relaxed character.”

However, Grizz is just one of a number of possible babe in arms daddies.

For example, Becca could be so unwilling to tell Sam who the real creator is because it is his brother Campbell (Toby Wallace), who Sam has called a “psychopath” in the series.

This transfer make sense, with Becca keeping the parentage of her child a incomprehensible to protect both Sam and herself from Campbell’s probably violent revenge.

The Society is streaming on Netflix now.

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