Studio Ghibli to Open Theme Park in Japan


Aichi Prefecture’s EXPO Reservation already attracts fans of Studio Ghibli with a replica of Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe’s retirement community fromMy Neighbor Totoro, and it is detailed to perfection from the sliding doors to the ancestral bath. Now, with a 200-hectare parkland expansion in the works, the spaciousness will allow devotees to further explore Totoro’s fantastical clique IRL.


Ghibli Park is set to open in 2020 in Nagoya, Japan and is slated to turn the largest installation done by the studio. Administrators are hoping that on the rise the scope of the attraction will drive more tourism to the region. Addicts are hoping to catch a glimpse of a dust-creature, a bus-shaped giant cat, or any such spirit-monster.

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