‘She’s so quiet’ The X Factor’s Gifty Louise hints at tension with Saara Alto

Tonight, the uneaten 12 finalists will take to the stage for Express Yourself week, as they depict live in front of millions for the very first time.

However, backstage it earmarks ofs one hopeful isn’t quite gelling with the rest of the ck.

“The shyest last wishes a have to be Saara,” Gifty, 20, exclusively told Express.co.uk. “She’s so noiselessness. She’s always in her room. “

Though, the London-born singer, who is being mentored by head-honcho Simon Cowell, make someone certain that “everyone gets along”.

“Everyone genuinely supports each other,” she enthused. “We get the drift that it’s a competition, but that’s second to us. I think we all just want to be there for each other – all the more with the other categories.”

Her teammate in the Girls, Samantha Lavery admitted: “Everyone got so comfortable with each other so quickly, it’s like proficient in. It’s like brothers and sisters living together and we have a right roar with laughter. It’s so nice.”

Yet, double act Bratavio claim otherwise. The controversial duo, made up of Ottavio Columbro, 24, Bradley Quest, 23, revealed that “cracks are forming” among the final few opponents.

“I’ll have to get back to you on that one,” scathed Bradley when asked relating to the backstage rivalry.

Thankfully, the ir assured the swipe was “definitely not” wished at North Weezy rapper Honey G. “I’m a big fan,” Bradley squealed.

Their annotations are a far cry from those made by boybands 5 After Midnight and Brooks Way, who alongside Bratavio are also being mentored comprised in Louis Walsh.

“There’s actually not [any feuds]. We’re nothing but family. I caress these lot, I love the girls, I love the boys,” beamed the trio, in the old days known as 5am.

Brooks Way added: “Everyone’s go the same goal and the same get-up-and-go, so we’re not going to trip up anyone.”

Though Josh teased: “I think after this week living soul are going to start looking at the competition very differently.”

The X Factor withs Saturday and Sunday, 8pm on ITV.

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