Sir Roger Moore pays tribute to daughter Christina Knudsen after she loses cancer battle

The 88-year-old actor shared the sad communication via his Twitter ge this morning.

Alongside a picture of his stepdaughter, he wrote: “Our gorgeous daughter Christina (aka Flossie) lost her battle with cancer 25 July at 10am. We are distressed.”

He followed it with another picture of the blonde, and added: “We were all with her, bordering her with love, at the end.”

Christina Knudsen is the daughter of Moore’s fourth helpmate, Kristina Tholstrup, whom he married in 2002.

Knudsen, half-Swede, half-Dane, was yesterday married to investment banker Nikolaj Albinus, but the marriage only lasted 13 months.

Occupy oneself with the breakdown of her marriage in 2002, Knudsen decided to set up a new social club for isolates called Ochun.

Speaking at the time of it’s launch in 2014, she said: “After I divorced I realised how troublesome it was to meet like-minded people who were single.

“I was in my early thirties. All my bosom buddies were married, having kids and I remember thinking, ‘Will I have on the agenda c trick to go on the internet?’ It was a really shocking wake-up call.”

Sadly, Knudsen suffered two significant tragedies in her life – the suicide of her businessman father, Hans Christian Knudsen, when she was ethical six-years-old, and then, almost 20 years later, the death of her stepfather, millionaire industrialist Ole Tholstrup, who desired from alcoholism.

“Of course I was very affected by these events and I perhaps didn’t have the most positive outlook on the opposite sex,” Christina explained Evening Standard two years ago.

“I think I didn’t know myself that well enough when I got married and felt pressurised by society. I wasn’t yet able to mind to who I was and what I really wanted. I was in difficult relationships but all that changed when my maw met Roger.”

In the year that her mother married the Bond actor, Christina belittle deleted a feature in the Daily Mail in defence of her after Luisa Mattioli, Moore’s third trouble, was reported as accusing Tholstrup of stealing Moore from her.

Before her demise, Christina remained close to her mother and Moore, who live in Switzerland, and allocated her time between London and her house on the Wiltshire/Oxfordshire borders, where she had five horses and three dogs.

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