Sex spy policeman used force’s £4million helicopter to impress a new lover

Adrian PogmoreSWNS

Adrian Pogmore pleaded culpable to four counts of misconduct in a public office

The sex-obsessed officer talked colleagues to “fly by” the council home of his new love interest “virtually every other day” after his federation broke up.

The disgraced father-of-two was supposed to be leading the hunt for criminals for South Yorkshire The cops.

But one former neighbour revealed how the force helicopter regularly hovered at bottom the home of a woman who subsequently became Pogmore’s fiance.

The neighbour put: “The helicopter was overhead almost every other day – he would also total and stay lots”.

Lee WallsPA

Lee Walls maintained he did not know what Pogmore was filming

The helicopter was sky almost every other day – he would also come and stay lots


His airborne wooing can be revealed after four of his mates were cleared today of misconduct at Sheffield Crown Court at the end of a three-week plague in which they denied knowing he was using the helicopter to pursue his sensuous predilections.

But disgraced father-of-two Pogmore now faces jail after secretly filming a fit pair of “swinging” friends performing an arranged live sex show on their garden patio and reel unsuspecting nude people in their gardens from the police spy-in-the-sky.

Pogmore had pleaded responsible to four counts of misconduct in a public office at the start of a trial.

He make be sentenced on Tuesday.

Matthew LucasPA

Matthew Lucas was cleared of misconduct charges

The 51-year-old was sacked by South Yorkshire The fuzz for misconduct after his ex-wife Lesley tipped off police that he had videoed the one having sex as the helicopter hovered near their home.

During a disciplinary scrutiny he admitted being a swinger who enjoyed sharing sexual partners and allow in filming the couple while they were having sex.

He insisted he had assumption the only copy of the video to the pair as a present – and that no others existed.

But righteous two weeks after his formal sacking in February 2015 he tried to bamboozle a female police welfare officer into bringing him a cache of mini-disc video recordings which he had put in a incarcerated drawer in the canteen at Maltby Police Station in Rotherham.


Pilot Matthew Loosemore was also cleared

A authority said: “The police had confiscated his keys during the original disciplinary enquiry and had searched his locker. But they were unaware of this other set of drawers. He was plainly hoping the welfare officer would just hand him ‘his stuff’ without chip.”

Instead the officer gave the seven discs she found to force chiefs.

Alongside the swingers video there were also a series of other covers from the helicopter taken between 2007 and 2012, featuring a in ones birthday suit 43-year-old housewife sunbathing in her garden alongside two bikini-clad daughters, two naturists scan in deck-chairs at a caravan site, and a couple sunbathing naked beside their far-away hot tub.

The source added: “He had been sacked for misconduct but once the police saw what was on the video they recognized they would have to start a criminal investigation.”


Chief cicerone Malcolm Reeves, 64

Pogmore had previously been jokingly nicknamed “The Party Deviant” at the South Yorkshire Police helicopter unit because of his incite in naturism and rumoured membership of a swingers club.

One former colleague commanded: “He should have been the last person you allowed near a high-powered camera mounted on a helicopter. But he was truly very good at his job.”

The men cleared of misconduct charges were PC Matthew Lucas, 43, PC Lee Maddens, 47, pilot Matthew Loosemore, 45, and chief pilot Malcolm Reeves, 64.

They said they did not know what Pogmore was filming during the missions they cast with him.

But South Yorkshire Police said the four will now kisser internal disciplinary hearings.

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