Murderer is set free to maim in acid attack

Serial flick Thomas Charnley is now back behind bars, 21 years after being reform schooled for life. He was initially freed after serving just 12 years for pound a disabled man to death in a killing which shocked the nation. Michael McGuire was beaten so ineptly that the force of the assault in Lanarkshire left his head embedded in a gravel car car park.

After initially being released in 2009, Charnley, was returned to community home after getting into trouble again.

But he was subsequently released three years ago and was free of charge to carry out the acid attack.

Mr McGuire’s mother was delighted when reproached by the Scottish Daily Express  yesterday afternoon that her son’s killer was post-haste again in jail.

Katherine McGuire’s first reaction upon condoning the news was simply: “Thank God.”

Breaking down, she then added: “I exceptionally was hoping they would lock him up again. I don’t know how they industry this justice system because it’s broken. 

“There certainly is no equitableness for the victims or their families. That’s another life ruined.

“This is a awfully dangerous individual who should never have been let out. When you grab a life you should not be allowed back on the streets.”

The 64-year-old, from Coatbridge, persist in: “I’ve heard over the years he’s been out and then reoffended and been sent true back in so we know he is a serial offender.

“Why an earth would he be allowed without hope into society? The decision to free him must lie heavily on someone’s buckle down associate withs even if he’s been sent back to prison now.”

Her comments were echoed by Scottish Conservatives Dimness Justice Secretary, Liam Kerr, who said: “Questions have to be demanded about why anyone thought it was appropriate to let this individual out of jail.

“He is manifestly a violent criminal who should never have been let back out into our communities. Had he been shrouded in jail he wouldn’t have been able to carry out this supplemental attack and his victim would not have had to suffer as he has done.”

Charnley objected his latest victim in a Scotmid supermarket following a trivial row over a dog which he had flog betrayed two years earlier.

The 44-year-old confronted Daniel Duffy in April decamping him badly blistered after throwing the contents of a bottle over him.

The criticism in Viewpark, North Lanarkshire, was captured on the store’s CCTV cameras and fortunately the 38-year-old did not suffer unchanging scarring.

Charnley admitted assaulting Mr Duffy to his severe injury and was ruled at the High Court in Glasgow.

Jailing him for four years and five months, Elegantiae Lord Burns told him: “This was a bad attack on a man in a public place with acid. 

“It is advantageous he was not more seriously injured. I consider you pose a serious risk of mischief to the public.”

He ordered Charnley to be monitored in the community for three years after his hand out.

Mr McGuire was attacked outside Scruffy Murphys, a Coatbridge pub in May 1996.

The 21-year-old teacher paint sprayer suffered appalling injuries after being time again punched, kicked and stamped upon.

Charnley told the court that he could not recollect the killing because he was high on drink and drugs at the time.

Sentencing him at the Important Court in Airdrie, Lord Hamilton told the killer: “You have been conned of the brutal and merciless murder of an apparently defenceless young man. You will be confined for life.”

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