Homes evacuated after HUGE sinkhole opens up on A26 in Kent


A26 sinkhole: Kent homes vacated

Ten homes have been evacuated as a large sinkhole, approximately six feet across, appeared on the A26.

Spots saw police rushing to the scene just before parts of the road initiated collapsed.

Motorists said they heard a “crunching sound” in the past the sinkhole appeared.

Lauren Bourke was in a car with her fiance when the roadway between Maidstone and Tonbridge began to give way.


Ten homes have been evacuated as a large sinkhole arrived

It was sinking for about 45 minutes and then all of a sudden the tarmac split and it reasonable went within five minute

Lauren Bourke

She said: “The origin of a bus hit the dipping tarmac and made a slight crunching sound which is when we distinguished the road definitely wasn’t safe.

“A police car overtook us and stopped in show of us.

“He got out and blocked the road off.

“It was sinking for about 45 minutes and then all of a unwonted the tarmac split and it just went within five minutes.

“Then the hand hand side started sinking too but didn’t drop completely.”

Toby Howe, superior highways manager at Kent County Council, said they were peaceful trying to establish the cause of the sinkhole, which could extend for up to 65 feet private.

He said: “Our preliminary investigations suggest that this void outs either side of the road from kerb to kerb for a total coolness of 20 metres.”

“In addition, there are utility supplies of gas, electric and mollify in the vicinity so we will need them to be involved too.”


The sinkhole could advance for up to 65 feet underground

Mabs Salam, manager of the Taj Barming restaurant, portrayed the sinkhole like “something you would see after an earthquake”.

The sinkhole is around 21 feet from their main entrance, but the restaurant is motionlessly expected to remain open.

He said: “We’re used to seeing potholes, but this is oversized.”

Mr Salam said officials had advised the restaurant not to let anyone stay in the erection overnight and had said if the business stayed open it was its own risk.

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