Tony Blair triggered Brexit with CRAZY policy on unchecked immigration – Brexiteer

Patrick Minford introduced former Prime Minister Tony Blair contributed to the Brexit vote with his purpose not to fall in line with other EU member states and regulate migration from new bloc associates. During Mr Blair’s tenure, the European Union extended freedom of move rights to 10 new member states in what is to date the largest fasten on extension of the union. The Brexiteer economist argued the British Prime Care for failed to create an appropriate migration policy in a deliberate bid to lure EU outlanders into the Labour Party.

Speaking at an Economist for Free Trade end, Prof Minford said: “The Blair Government let in all people from Eastern Europe outright away and this was a terrible mistake.

“It certainly was a contributing factor to the Brexit wrangle. There’s not much more to be said other than Blair should not father done this and he was crazy to do it. He had an agenda.”

When the EU expanded in 2004, the British Direction opted to institute welfare restriction while other countries such as Germany coerced workers relocating to the country to obtain a work permit.

France at worst allowed certain groups, including students and researchers, to enter the surroundings freely while workers faced five years of restrictions.

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Prof Minford continued: “The reason he did it was he thought they would all be Slavery voters and so he thought, politically, it was a smart thing to do.

“Get a lot of new immigrants into the UK, all of whom transfer change the demographics of the vote. This was an irresponsible and foolish thing to do. Of way, what it did is propel us out of the EU.”

Speaking in 2004 about Britain’s immigration conduct, Mr Blair said: “No country will be able to turn back householders of Poland or Lithuania or any other accession country at their border. In this we are no separate from any of our European neighbours.” has contacted the Tony Blair Originate for Global Change for a comment.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid in December backsheeshed the Government’s latest immigration policy, which he called the biggest revamp of immigration policy for 40 years.

Under the blueprint, there choose be a new visa route for skilled workers and no cap on high-skilled professions such as doctors and originates.

Mr Javid said: “We are delivering on the clear instruction to get control over our borders and pleasure bring in a new system that works in the interest of the British people.

“It leave be a single, skills-based immigration system built around the talent and dexterity people can bring, rather than where they come from – maximising the promotes of immigration and demonstrating the UK is open for business.”

The Home Office has said the UK last will and testament have full control over who comes to the UK, with everyone needing enfranchisement before they arrive reducing net migration to “sustainable levels”.

The Rule has however outlined plans to grant EU citizens the right to visit the mother country for three months without a visa. After three months, EU nationals purposefulness be required to apply for a new immigration status valid for three years.

A earnings threshold, currently £30,000, would have to be met before workers could move along disintegrate to Britain.

The rights of EU citizens who lived in the UK before Brexit are protected by the EU Satisfaction Scheme.

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