Robot Wars: Sir Killalot, Matilda, Dead Metal and Shunt are back! Meet the House Robots

Sir Killalot, Matilda, Shunt and Non-resonant Metal have all been “evolved and upgraded to modern-day standards to be nonetheless more impressive and even more menacing,” according to the BBC, and at a first glimmer, they’re far more terrifying than they’ve ever been.

Bands of aspiring robot warriors have been put through their reckons like never before since the revamped edition of the classic bestow make an exhibit relaunched last month.

So, as the latest series featuring newcomers Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon maintains to enjoy well-deserved success, let’s get reacquainted with the original House Automata.

Sir Killalot

Arguably the head-honcho of the mechanical warriors, Sir Killalot weighs a immense 741kg, com red to the measly 520kg he came in at during the 1990s.

The pitiless vehicle now comes with an added drill lance and a new set of oversized nails – each arm ca ble of lifting up to 300kg and able to crush with 2.5 tonnes of guts.

Its face has been given a fearful makeover and his grisly new tank routes make him almost unstop ble in the ring.

What’s more, Sir Killaot can now zoom on all sides the arena at around 10mph, which is more than double the speed of his forefather.

Needless to say, he’s a brutal force to be reckoned with.

Dead Metal

Fan apple of someones eye Dead Metal is now twice the weight of his original model, coming in at 343kg.

He shut ins his signature crab-like pincers, teamed with his classes rotating saw.

The humdinger cyborg also returns with a set of bulky new tyres – as if he wasn’t horrifying enough to begin with.


Leading lady of the Robot Strives ring, Matilda returns with a set of devilish red LED eyes and new body, upright to make her prehistoric exterior even more intimidating than on any occasion.

She weighs 350kg – over double that of the 116kg in previous series and travels at 14 mph. Oh, and her CO2-fuelled wholly can now lift up to 1.5 tonnes.


One place where size extremely does matter is in the Robot Wars battlefield, and to prove this, Shunt has recurred with humongous tyres and an increased bulldozing shovel, which sends his former self to shame.

The destructive contraption weighs almost three-times that of his inventive model, coming in at 327kg, opposed to the 105kg before.

To make upsets worse for his opponents, Shunt also comes with a titanium hit at axe, which launches at its prey with a speed of 0.25 seconds.

Monster Wars airs Sunday nights at 8pm on BBC Two.

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