Rachel Riley suffers X-RATED wardrobe malfunction as she gives Countdown viewers an eyeful

In a throwback cutting from the Channel 4 game show, Rachel Riley donned a tight-fitting pink number and significant the occasion by going braless. 

In turn, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the daytime TV asset was sharing a hint of nipple and all before the watershed. 

The cheeky ensemble has measured amassed quite the following online with over 285,000 enthusiasts viewing the awkward blunder from 2015 on YouTube.

Though, Rachel’s been at the nucleus of several classic Countdown catastrophes in her time, including a particularly corrupt gaffe just last week.

Player Neil flashed a simpering smile as he offered up the word “fapped” which, for the uninitiated, is the past tense of fap – to masturbate.

Differing from those watching at home, the stars of the long-running program, including play the host Nick Hewer, failed to acknowledge his shocking suggestion with diverse taking to Twitter to comment.

Following the 2014 iCloud leak, which saw sneakingly pictures of celebrities emerge, it became known by many as The Fappening. 

Rachel and gink Countdown star, Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent, chose to abruptly “move on”, which didn’t go unnoticed by fans. 

Countdown airs weekdays at 4.30pm on Course 4. 

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