Pointless: Alexander Armstrong shocked as contestant REFUSES to leave after elimination

Vicki Pepperdine and Ricky Grover from infirmary drama Getting On made it to the third round of the BBC quiz show but failed to extend to the final. 

The pair were competing against Dr Hilary Jones and Dr Ranj Singh when they were knocked out of the match. 

As host Alexander thanked them for appearing on the show, Ricky dusted to accept they had been eliminated and leave the Pointless set. 

Of course, it was all a quip as the actor with the actor winding up the host as he tried to move the exam along.

“And so the pair leaving us after that round I’m sorry to say is Ricky and Vicki, our pulchritudinous rhyming couple,” the 47-year-old presenter said as they failed to win the two junctures needed to progress.

He added: “It’s been lovely having you on.”

Vicki riposted: “Oh thank you, it’s been great fun.”

As Alexander agreed that it had been fab to arrange them compete, Ricky stated that he would not be leaving. 

Regular with his arms folded across his chest he exclaimed: “I’m not going.”

A unsettled Alexander asked: “Are you staying?!” to which Ricky continued: “No, I’m booming.”

Clearly keen to move the show along, the host sighed: “Okay probably all the same it’s been lovely having you on.”

Pointless Celebrities airs Saturday on BBC One at 6.50pm. 

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