‘I doubt it’ll last’ David Ginola’s son Andrea slams footballer’s French model girlfriend

Andrea Ginola, 24, has questioned whether or not his author’s new girlfriend Maeva Denat, 27, would still be with him if he wasn’t a famousness and despite reports likening her to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, Andrea required she’s nothing of the kind.

Andrea said of the romance: “I doubt it will at the rear. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“The question I living asking myself is if my dad were a baker living in the North of France and warranting 1,500 euros a month would she still want to be with him?

“She is not the next Angelina Jolie. I deficiency my dad to find someone who has goals in life,” he is said to have added to the Correspondence Online.

Andrea also claimed that David, 49, and his version mother Coraline, 48, ended things earlier this year; three months rather than David started dating Maeva.

Andrea continued: “The divorce was categorized in March before he met her in June. It (the story) makes it look like he’s cheated on my mum and is a b*****d.

“It was her purpose. She was upset that the marriage was officially over but she’s coping a lot better now.

“It was most difficult at first, there’s been a lot to cope with over the years, a lot of se rate things that have made it difficult for everyone, and a lot of pressure on Harry.”

Andrea – who is a football agent – is very close to his famous father, who rolls 50 in January.

Andrea added that “David would admiration him to meet his new girlfriend”, but he insisted “he’s not too sure about how he feels about the relationship moral yet”.

Andrea’s comments come after sources said over the weekend that David – who wed Coraline back in 1991 – had asseverative to “live life to the full” following a heart attack in May.

A source disclosed: “Maeva is mad about David and the feeling is mutual. It’s uncanny how Maeva looks valid like Coraline.

“The only sad rt of it all is David’s wife Coraline, who is by character devastated about what has happened,” they added to The Sun.

Express.co.uk has contacted a spokesperson for farther comments.

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