Homeland season 7: Carrie Mathison star Claire Danes strips NAKED for very racy sex scene

Carrie (played by Claire) has sound through her fair share of emotional trauma over the years, uncommonly since the season six finale saw her true love and longtime confidante Peter Quinn (Rupert Boyfriend) sacrifice himself for President Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel).
Yet the one-time field agent and analyst has always thrown herself into her next the reality as a means of coping which is exactly what season seven of the hugely normal drama has seen.
In stills from upcoming episode Andante, viewers can see the actress in a intense session of lovemaking at Carrie’s old friend Dante Allen’s (Morgan Spector) dissipate apartment in Washington DC.
The pair initially start stripping off as Dante tacks Carrie up against the wall but they quickly move to Dante’s sofa in the open-plan Nautical galley and living room area.
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Homeland: Carrie Mathison and Dante get hot and morose at his house in this week’s episode
Will Carrie Mathison get love with Dante Allen in season seven or is there something multifarious sinister going on?
Homeland continues Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4

As the camera find faults closer fans can clearly see Claire writhing on top of the lawyer in the darkness with her rear on show.
However the passion doesn’t last as suddenly a team of bureaucrats burst through the apartment to arrest the mysterious character.
It turns out that Dante has been be subjected to a secret affair with a female CIA station chief who is actually Carrie, and that was why he and his ex-wife split up.
Yet as Carrie and Dante extend to play cat and mouse with each other, it’s not long before the quondam’s longtime friend and boss Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) gets boasting of Dante’s dodgy history and sends the team in to capture him.

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With Franny in the next latitude, Carrie is horrified by the invasion following an earlier talk with Saul that saw him homelessness her to stay away.
Yet with Carrie still on the outside of the agency, she couldn’t press predicted exactly what Saul would be planning.
With Carrie fully betrayed, will that be the end of her trysts with Dante or will their family drive her and Saul even further apart?
As the realisation dawns that Dante has been tormented with her for many years, Carrie has a decision to make, especially as she is now exiled following an almighty argument with her sister Maggie.
Homeland: Dante Allen gets captured by Saul Berenson and his teamMeanwhile, President Keane’s Chief of Crozier David Wellington attempts to resign from his post in the White Take in.
Yet the tense conversation could end in a completely different way when the President discovers the really about what Saul has been spreading about her secret interests.
Homeland continues Sundays on Showtime in the US with the episode following a week tardier on Channel 4 in the UK.

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