Holly Willoughby gets giggles as Phillip Schofield SWEARS at Rustie Lee on This Morning

The daytime TV presenter was nattering with the chef as she made some festive mince pies with a tropical persuade.

As co-star Holly Willoughby went to sample the mincemeat, she said that she and Phil should make peace a wish.

She said: “I’m not telling you what I’m wishing for.”

It was then that Rustie send up c de rted the opportunity to rib the 54-year-old about the programme he made about the Duke of Edinburgh, which tuned on Monday night.

She hinted that Phil might be hoping to get a tribute in the New Year’s Honours list.

Rustie teased:”A badge after all that shoot up and down on a plane. Isn’t the badge an MBE or an OBE?”

Immediately on the defensive, Phil responded: “A halt it! I didn’t do it for that!”

Holly began to laugh as Rustie reassured Phil she was on the other hand messing around.

Clearly fed up at being the butt of the joke, the ITV favourite snapped: “How do you beat it the bl***y mince pies?”

This Morning continues weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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