Greg Rutherford’s partner hits back after being accused of dressing son ‘like a girl’

Susie and her two-year-old son, Milo, appeared on Saturday tenebrosity’s episode of Strictly supporting Greg as he trained with professional colleague, Natalie Lowe.

However after their appearance on the hit dancing display, viewers took to the internet to discuss the way the toddler was dressed.

Susie, who is a freelance lady of the press, listed some of the unkind comments that had been made upon herself and her son on her personal blog.

One person, talking about Milo, broke: “He looked and was dressed like a girl!”

Another wrote: “Why was the child outfitted and deliberately made to appear as if he was a girl. Did the mother want a girl? I organize the child’s appearance disturbing.”

A third addressed her rtner, saying: “Greg, outline your wife to grow up, she’s not a Kardashian trash bag, get the boys hair cut and put some boy endows on him, the child looked a mess. Like as if she wanted a girl so she’s going to around with his head!”

In a lengthy post, Susie defended the way she dressed her son altercating she and Greg have the right to dress Milo however they prefer and that others should respect her decision.

She said: “We’re all out of the ordinary when it comes to what we wear, it’s often a reflection of our personalities and a strip in to our inner beings. Most people respect that, and if someone decorates their child differently to how I dress Milo then that’s entirely OK!”

The mother-of-one also took to Twitter on Sunday to discuss the reaction to her son’s looks.

She wrote: “Thanks for all the lovely comments on Milo being in last endlessly’s VT. And thanks for all the comments saying we ‘dress him like a girl’.”

“Makes it easier to shape out which of our followers are c***wombles. Red IS very feminine.”

Strictly Come Hopping continues this Saturday at 6.55pm on BBC One.

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