Gogglebox cast: Jenny reveals hidden talent in hilarious video before emotional episode

The Gogglebox preferred, who is known for appearing on the show alongside her best friend Lee Riley, benefited a holiday with her pal last month, giving fans a glimpse at their flight on Twitter. Jenny and Lee shared snaps of their antics with their 67,000 servants, showing them posing by the side of a pool and partying with a troop of friends at dinner. They also uploaded a funny video as the dusk wore on and the revelries took a turn for the tuneful.

Lee could be seen veiling himself and Jenny on the dance floor while she grasped a microphone in one cuffs.

Belting out Penny Arcade, she showcased her singing skills as Lee grinned merrily.

Make note ofing him filming her performance, Jenny batted her Gogglebox co-star away with one management, prompting him to joke: “Ow!”

“How can you not love my best friend,” he captioned the upload. “Oouuuuchhhhh.”(sic)

Fiends took to the comments to share their reactions, with one writing: “Jenny that was intelligent! Go Jenny Go!”

“Glad to see you having a good sing song,” another mean, while a third added: “Fabulous. This is how I pictured Jenny on her hoaxes… singing, dancing and having as much fun as possible.”

“Jenny looks partiality she’s having a fab time,” another Twitter user wrote.

Tonight’s instalment of Gogglebox drive take an emotional turn when the cast are touched by a moving advert from the open-handedness Versus Arthritis.

With the advert showing the impact the condition can suffer with on the lives of people with arthritis, Jenny also reveals she is misery from the condition.

Visibly emotional, she discusses the effect it has on her daily living with close friend Lee, explaining how she has to ask for help with tasks similar to opening a tin of beans.

“I’ve suffered with arthritis for a while now,” she says. “I reckon something people don’t realise is the impact the condition has on simple everyday living.

“I really do think we should change that by being able to talk relative to it openly,” she continues. “It’s really important to me.”

She also opens up about how arthritis is not recognised as a genuine condition, as well as the way in which it has affected her independence.

Jenny and Lee have been roomies for over 20 years after meeting in a pub at which she was the landlady.

They yoked the cats of Gogglebox in its fourth series back in 2014 and have behove fan favourites.

Speaking to What’s On TV, they previously revealed why they contemplate viewers have taken to them, with Lee saying: “Because we’re the after all is said on the TV as we are in the pub. We haven’t changed at all.”

“We’re just your neighbours next door,” Jenny chipped in, as he barbed: “I wouldn’t like you living next door to me — you get on my nerves half the then!”

Gogglebox continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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