Emmerdale fans in UPROAR after cheeky prop number plate spells a naughty word

Hounds of the ITV soap spotted funny lettering on Charity’s car during a tiff with Cain Dingle.

The put together were having a heated argument in the village, but fans misread Magnanimity’s registration to spell out a sexual reference.

Cain and Charity were dinning about a car scam used to raise cash for a cancer-stricken child.

Puzzled viewers thought they could read the word “CUM”, but in fact the Audi’s charger read MK66 CUW.

Emmerdale fans took to social media to laugh forth the soap joke.

One viewer tweeted: “Were the last three traits on that bloke’s car registration CUM?”

“Did I just see CUM on the number plate?” asked another.

A third posted: “Hahahaa was I the on the contrary one who spotted cum on the number plate?”

“Definitely just read the word CUM on that #Emmerdale numberplate. Haaa! ITV prop domain banter lol,” laughed a fourth.

The rest of the Audi’s plate read MK66, while it was the word for words C, U and W which rounded it off.

With the soap now broadcasting in HD, it’s a wonder how eagle-eyed viewers didn’t comedos the correct lettering straight away.

Emmerdale continues on monday on ITV at 7pm.

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