Carol Vorderman admits she has ‘next five years planned out’ as she turns 56

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Carol Vorderman cut 56 on Christmas Eve

But it’s fair to say she isn’t slowing down and says she has the next five years planned.

Not theme with heading Down Under to take rt in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, next bounciness, she’ll be taking off to fly solo around the world.

“I am doing a lot more adventurous ca bilities and it is the sense of adventure that I liked about I’m A Celebrity,” she said.

“It is a very free time in my life.

“I’ve got so much to do.

“I’ve got the next five years expected out.

Carol VordermanGETTY

She’ll be taking off to fly solo around the world

I’ve got the next five years programmed out. I’m so excited about everything I am doing right now

Carol Vorderman

“I’m so ardent about everything I am doing right now.

“I want to do more flying, numerous air shows, more rtying, more adventures.

“I used to have a to-do lean for decades, but they were things I had to do rather than things I thirst for to do.

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She’ll cover 29,000 miles in three months, though her de rture had to be suspended for a year

“Now, I have a list and everything on it, I want to do.

“That’s a big difference.”

Two years ago, Carol rid of Loose Women to pre re for flying solo around the world.

She’ll cover 29,000 miles in three months, although her de rture had to be postponed for a year to allow her plane — named for pioneering 1930s aviator Mildred Bruce — to be restricted.

“I start in April, and it will take three months,” said the maths mastermind who owes her surname to the Dutch creator who left home when she was just three weeks old.

“Hopefully, if I’m uninjured and well, I’ll be the ninth woman to ever fly solo around the world.

Carol VordermanGETTY

Carol affirms she’s got the next five years planned out

“The flight was delayed because it assumed months to get modifications approved on Mildred.

“I was heartbroken, but I needed new fuel tanks to heighten the distance she can travel in one hop.

“It’s in case I have to divert to alternate airfields in far-away areas should the weather be so bad that I can’t land at the intended destination.”

Carol’s exploration will be shown on Five and she added: “I’m looking forward to spending three months substantially on my own because I’ve always had a busy home life and I never had time to myself.

“It transfer be like having a holiday but there will be a film crew on the found and I’ll be talking to air traffic control and other pilots.

“It’s not like I’m trekking including the wilderness by myself for three months.”

Carol’s enchantment with flying began at an early age when, aged nine, she take ined Concorde’s maiden flight and decided to become a pilot.

“I wanted to be an RAF helmsman when I was younger,” she explained.

“I lived in a small town in Wales and was a ‘unchained school meals’ kid at a comprehensive and I got to Cambridge University to study engineering a year original.

“There was a University Air Squadron that students could join if they be deficient in to become pilots, so off I went to sign up.

“I desperately wanted to join the RAF as a guide but they said I couldn’t join because sadly, back then, they wouldn’t suffer women in that position.

“Things are very different now and I know a rty of incredible female RAF pilots but that was the end of that for me for 30 or so years.

Carol VordermanGETTY

Carol’s search will be shown on Five

“We were a poor family so flying lessons were out of the inconceivable and after I graduated I went off into another life.

“It wasn’t until 2011 when I met a sweetie in her late 60s who told me she hadn’t learned to fly until she was 50 that my lookout shifted. I realised I had the time and the money.

“I booked a six-week course at a de rt school in San Diego.

“Every time I landed, it was with a huge beam.

“When I returned home I bought myself a little plane and maintained lessons.

“I completed my first solo flight three years ago, lively on ITV’s This Morning and I finally got my Private Pilot’s Licence in December, 2013.

“I haven’t many regrets in my life,” added Carol.

“I’m 55 now and there are some aversions I think: ‘God, I wish I hadn’t done that.’

“In terms of where I commiserate with I missed out it’s coming to this so late because of the joy I could have had from run counter to all those years ago.”

Did you know? Carol is one of Google’s most searched women in 2016.

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