Baywatch babe Kelly Rohrbach flashes her pert derriere and appears BOTTOMLESS at LA beach

The 26-year-old’s swimsuit was so skimpy that it played she had forgotten to wear any garment to cover her modesty.

Dressed in a white kaftan top, a straw hat and a doublet of trainers, the blonde beauty put on an eye-popping display when she bent terminated to pick up a drink that she had dropped.

Leaning over, the IMG Model displayed her incredible physique and toned pins, with a cheeky bit of her bottom only peeping out under her top in images from last week.

The stunner is due to crop in Woody Allen’s 1930s throwback romantic comedy Café Sodality, which is due for release in September, alongside Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg.

She make also play lifeguard C.J. rker in the highly-antici ted Baywatch remake, which will see her band up with Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson, mela Anderson and David Hasselhoff.

Say something or anything to about wearing the infamous red costume, Kelly told GQ magazine beforehand: “My suit was that neoprene scuba gear material so it really bamboozle b kidnap and murders up. They [the film crew] would use glue and tape it to my bum so it wouldn’t elect a wedgie wrinkle.

“Every day the razzi would shoot the costume plotters doing the glue and there would be be a picture of somebody with a toothbrush, putting Elmer’s glue on my bum.

“I don’t feel any shyness. In the summer I’m always trip around in a bathing suit. I’m very ‘one love’. I think that’s the Californian bit of San Quentin quail in me,” she added.

The actress also explained that she took matters in to her own agencies with her career, contacting agents herself instead of waiting for the phone to jingle.

“I googled Top Ten Talent Agencies. I just picked one, went there and got signed. I was similar to, “Hey, I’d like an agent, would you like to be my agent?” And they were disposed to, “That’s not really how this works…but uh, sure,” she confessed.

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