Antiques Road Trip CHAOS: Paul Laidlaw RAGES after car mishap ‘What did you do?’

Article of virtus Road Trip’s Natasha and Paul ware in historic York and clad very different challenges on the BBC show today.
The pair headed for auction in East Anglia, but tried to get there in time.
Voicing the show, expert Tim Wonnacott said: “Now, all things considered at this point we feature shots of a classic car whizzing through some gorgeous landscapes. Sorry!”
It then cut to Paul looking angrily under the car’s bonnet, fulminating: “What did you do with the car yesterday?”
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What did you do with the car yesterday?
Paul Laidlaw

Natasha replied: “What? Okay who was driving? Oh, I was driving it wasn’t I? Sorry,” as Paul snapped: “The car was fine!”
Memorializing that the car sounded odd the previous day, Natasha replied: “Do you know what, it was metamorphosing the odd squeak. I’m not going to lie. It was sort of err, err, err, err,” as Tim chuckled: “Part of its Germanic charm!”
It’s not the in the first place time the show has seen car mishaps, with Nigel Havers surrendering his car in one episode, while Mark Stacey stormed off in another.
Mark cowed to quit the programme after storming off from filming while fetching part in the first day of a Scottish road trip with Catherine Southon.
Collectors items Road Trip CHAOS: Paul Laidlaw RAGES after car mishap ‘What did you do?’
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When the mate’s car broke down, Mark believed that it was a secret ploy to “sabotage” his conquering streak, leaving Catherine at the side of the road to continue filming on her own after a bitter exchange.
Tim voiced: “Mark and Catherine are heading 62 miles North West to the unpretentious town of Kilbirnie in North Ayrshire, but things aren’t going moderately to plan.”
Holding her head in her hands, Catherine looked distressed and grieved: “I just don’t know. I really don’t know.”
Huffing in the passenger seat, Slash barked: “Well, thank you very much Catherine.”
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Shocked at being blamed, Catherine snapped: “Oh look, it’s not my misbehaviour to blame. I don’t know what’s happened.”
Raging, Mark replied: “No, no, listen. You’re a saboteur. I’ve now got to striving up to my shop.”
Defiantly standing up for herself, Catherine continued: “Mark, it’s 300 yards. It’s not far. It’s only a struggle.”
With a look of anger, Mark warned: “Catherine, Catherine, this is valid the beginning of the week. I’m going to remember this.”
Storming off up the road drop out of his rival at the roadside, Catherine screamed: “So you’re just going to leave me and cede me in the middle of nowhere with this car?”
Antiques Road Trip continues tomorrow on BBC One at 4.30pm.
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