Angelina Jolie Will Convince You to Swap Out Your LBD For This Modest Alternative

In theory, verdict the perfect travel outfit sounds easy: you pull on your comfiest set of threads, find shoes that are easy to slip off at security, and, well, you’re extremely much done. But if you’re looking for an option that’s elevated and will also off once you reach your destination, perhaps you can take a tip or two from Angelina Jolie. The illustrious boarded her flight out of NYC in a two-piece Summer look that included a midlength louring dress — complete with sheer details on top — and a black ir of pointy-toe flats, which not on the contrary met our requirements for being easy, breezy, and cozy, but also would squeeze in for a postflight dinner or event.

Angie also inspired us to update our closet with her model, modest dress style, swapping out our slinky LBDs for something a tad longer, multifarious sophisticated, and work-appropriate. Scroll through to see her outfit in full, then peach on similar options that’ll help you nail the look.
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