Styling Hacks For Selfies – Not to Be Used IRL

Styling Hacks For Selfies - Not to Be Used IRL
As a acclimated designer and fashion insider, Misha Nonoo is a style guru. Thankfully, she’s quota her wisdom with all of us and breaking down the tips and tricks the pros use behind the displays. Here, she spills on the secret styling hacks that’ll transform your inferior outfit snaps.Thanks to filters and apps like Facetune, what you see on Instagram is not each what you get. Instead of criticizing the trend, embrace it and apply these despite the fact tricks to styling. Want to transform your long chain-link necklace into a choker? No poser. Know your #OOTD would be perfect if only you had those high-waisted, mellowed jeans? Fake them. Follow these styling hacks to for a short alter your outfit and create the perfect selfie.1. In a Bind
  • To aim for a loose top appear fitted, gather the shirt’s excess fabric behind your move in reverse and fasten it with a large binder clip. This trick slows the material from awkwardly bulging and blousing in unflattering ways.
  • Use the but binder clips to transform baggy boyfriend jeans into a high-waisted pizazz. Pull the denim pants up to your true waist. Tightly come by the extra denim at your lower back and tush for a pair that looks wish it fits you like a glove. Just be sure to angle the clips away from the camera or photoshop them out later.

2. Packing Record Pick Me Up

  • If FedEx can rely on clear packing tape to secure a light shipment as it travels around the world, then you can trust it to keep your boobs in proper. When you want the girls to look perky and alive in a low cut jumpsuit bring up the rear these simple steps: lift, separate, tape, repeat.
  • You’d not under any condition want to permanently shorten your extra long, wide-leg huff and puffs. When paired with superhigh heels they turn your 5’4″ carve out into a statuesque 5’9″ and give you legs for days. If you want to wed the trousers with cool trainers for an Instagram shot, temporarily tailor them by pleat the hemline under to the desired length and adding the adhesive on the inside to provision the cuff in place.

3. Mask It

  • The shoes you ordered online are way too uncomfortable to in point of fact wear but their beauty deserves its own hashtag. If you can’t resist snapping a photograph before you return them, line the bottoms with strips of masking bind before stepping into frame. The adhesive will protect the individuals from dirt and scratches and also pull away gently when you kick out it from the shoe.

4. Safety First

  • One minute chokers are the hottest secondary and the next it’s all about long necklaces. Optimize your jewelry inventory by adapting lengths with safety pins. To make a navel-grazing statement lavaliere appear shorter, push a safety pin through one side of the chain vinculum or fabric. Once the necklace is adjusted as desired, secure the other side and hook the pin behind your neck.
  • If an extension is what you’re after, loop various safety pins together and clip them to your necklace tips. Hide the silver pins behind your neck or cover them with your tresses before snapping the shot.

5. Flat Iron Fix

  • If you’re taking a close up incarnation of a monogramed shirt collar or cuff but don’t have time to properly ladies or steam the entire top, don’t. Quickly run a hair flat iron over the wrinkled divide ups for the illusion of a completely crisp top.


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