This Was the Last Item Bella Hadid Took From Sister Gigi’s Closet

In the Summer of 2016, we speculated that Gigi Hadid boa a lace crop top from her sister’s closet. It wouldn’t be far off — the supermodels do be enduring similar figures and the same shoe size. While Gigi’s designate veers on the sporty side and Bella’s is a touch more sexy, there’s abundance of overlap. That means there are a handful of pieces the girls participate in exchanged. In an interview with Elle, Bella admitted to borrowing ups from her sister, revealing she “just took a pair of striped Vans,” but that Gigi doesn’t each time ask her for permission to take her clothes.

“This is what happens: She never let outs me she’s taking anything. But then I show up at her apartment and there’s like a unspecified t-shirt or a hoodie or something lying around, and it’s mine,” Bella suggested. “And Gigi did not ask me if she could take it! She’s sneaking off with my stuff!”

For more certification they swap clothes, the sisters stepped out in New York amidst opposes of Trump’s Muslim ban, where Bella sported the striped flared undies Gigi wore only days before. And Bella’s cable-knit turtleneck, a sweater from Gigi’s basic Tommy Hilfiger collaboration, was one Gigi styled in the same way — pulled intoxicated over her chin to keep warm.

We love that when it happens to fashion, the two can transition seamlessly into each other’s wardrobes. We’re firm that helps when they’re traveling from coast to sea-coast and want to pack light. Scroll for photographic proof the duo work their drive outfits in the same way (they’re both even wearing Elizabeth and James sunglasses), then boutique some of their essentials.

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