Altered Carbon Dipper: What is a Dipper in Altered Carbon?

Word to the wise: This article contains spoilers for Altered Carbon.
What is a dipper in Change Carbon?
A dipper in the world, or worlds, of Altered Carbon is a type of swot.
Dippers hack into needlecast transmissions to download fragments of human being’s memories from their stacks to sell on the black market.
They also hackneyed stacks in order to insert new information. Needlecasting is a method of transferring pandect either between bodies, or sleeves, or to transmit code to a satellite, correspondent to in the case of Laurens Bancrofts (played by James Purefoy).
WHAT IS Purposefulness 653 IN ALTERED CARBON?
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The first mention of dippers in the accord is in episode two bit it isn’t until episode eight that they really concern into play.
Ava Elliot (Courtney Richter) is a skilled dipper who Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) initiates to help tie up the Bancrofts murder case.
Ava is married to Vernon (Ato Essandoh) and is the shelter of Lizzie (Hayley Law). 
She is re-sleeved into the body of a man (Cliff Chamberlain) in adventure eight to use her dipper skills to hack into Bancroft’s memories to notice out what really happened the night he died.
Lizzie, Ave and Vernon ElliotWhat is double-sleeving in Transform Carbon?
Double-sleeving is when an individual’s stack is uploaded into uncountable than one sleeve at a time.
Also known as twinning, a duplicate of the man’s mind is created when double-sleeving takes place. 
The practice is uncommonly illegal and punishable by real death.
In the first episode, the group of men who storm Kovacs in the hotel are the same person in multiple sleeves. 
Vernon Elliot and Takeshi KovacsNetflix
Laurens BancroftsWhen is Revise Carbon season 2 released?
While season two has not been officially green lit yet, it is keep in viewed that it will be renewed for a second season.
If this happens any minute now, we can expect a February 2019 release, a year on from the season one publicity date. 
Author of the books on which the series is based, Richard K Morgan, estimated tied The Guardian that he expects the show to run for “five seasons”. 
Transform Carbon is streaming on Netflix. 
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