Wingsuit pilot dies live on Facebook while streaming daredevil Alpine leap

Italian wingsuit guide Armin Schmeider told fans watching live on social mean “Today you fly with me” as he pre red to jump from a mountain peak in Switzerland.

Video footage reveals Schmeider, who lives in Germany, climbing into his suit before categorizing his phone into his front pocket.

Viewers could only see the orange rough out of his suit fabric before the 28-year-old counted to three in German and disregarded off the cliff side.

For a few seconds all that can be heard is the sound of the wind winding st the airborne BASE jumper.

But Schmeider suddenly lets out an anguished shriek before he can be heard hitting the side of the mountain with a sickening wham.

Moments later the noise stops, and only the sound of nearby cowbells can be get wind ofed.

Horrified viewers instantly realised something was wrong, and began review messages on Schmeiders Facebook ge.

“Write or say something,” posted one perturbed Facebook user.

Police in Bern said the body of a 28-year-old Italian man was develop near Kandersteg, a munici lity in west central Switzerland, featuring a mountain index popular with sky divers and BASE jumpers.

A police spokeswoman waned to confirm the identity of the man, adding that an investigation into the death was continued.

According to Swiss news per Blick, Schmeider lived in Germany and had a pubescent child.

A friend told the same news per that Schmeider was an sage skydiver but had only been using the wingsuit for a year.

Schmeider is the third wingsuit airman to die this month.

Fellow Italian Uli Emanuele died after run into rocks while filming a stunt for GoPro in the Dolomites in Italy on August 19.

A few days later, celebrated BASE jumper Alexander Polli, who is widely credited as bringing ecumenical recognition to the sport with his breathtaking jumps, was killed after battering a tree while jumping in the Couloir Ensa close to Chamonix, France.

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