GRAPHIC CONTENT: Paedophile who raped and murdered girl, 5, executed in street

Tenants gathered in Tahrir Square in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, to witness the carrying out of Hussein al-Saket. 

The 22-year-old was fund guilty of abducting, raping and exterminating Safaa al-Matari.

Judge Rajeh Ezzedine, who attended the execution, implied he later buried the little girl’s body. 

The victim’s uncle, Ali Ayedh, said Saket “undertook part in the search for the girl before being unmasked”.

Rapist publicly executedREUTERS

The 22-year-old was resources guilty of abducting, raping and murdering Safaa al-Matari

His role was perceived the course of the police investigation, Mr Aydeh said, welcoming the sentence as it liking act as a “deterrent for criminals”.

Saket had his hands tied behind his back, was cut down to size face down in the square before a policeman shot him five measures through the heart. 

His body was then strung up from a crane, to be showed for miles. 

The public execution is the second in several weeks, with that one being the in front since 2009. 


Judge Rajeh Ezzedine, who attended the execution, implied he later buried the little girl’s body

[He] took part in the search for the maid before being unmasked

Ali Ayedh

A large crowd had gathered to corroborating witness the killing, with some filming the scenes on their mobile phones. 

Watch Khaled Abdullah told Reuters: “The man was escorted from the van to the middle of the fuddy-duddy, and then the place turned to a complete chaos.

“He tried to talk to the executioner, a police officer who was calmly smoking a cigarette as he withstood next to him before pointing his AK-47 to his back from a very close mileage.

“Soon he fired around four shots, and people realized that it was done, they rushed to the hamlet and tried to take the body, but the police were able to take the fraternity to the van and drove through the crowd out of the square.”

Rapist publicly executedREUTERS

A large crowd had thronged to witness the killing

The square has been in control of the Shiite Huthi rebels since 2014, and the acknowledged crackdown is thought be an effort to stamp out crime in the area. 

The Iarnian-backed Huthis require been at war with the Saudi-backed government, led by President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, for multitudinous than two years.

Rapist publicly executedREUTERS

Residents gathered in Tahrir Square in Yemen’s property, Sanaa, to witness the execution of

The ongoing conflict has seen more than 8,300 people either exterminated or displaced. 

And the city is continuing to be gripped by a cholera epidemic, which has claimed the remains of 2,300 people since April. 

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