Australian Senator Larissa Waters who breastfed in parliament quits over citizenship row

Larissa Waters and Australian passportEPA/GETTY

Larissa Waters has resign over her dual citizenship

Larissa Waters made history this year by harbouring 14-week-old Alia Joy on the floor of Australia’s Senate.

But yesterday the senator resign as deputy leader of the Australian Greens because of the “oversight” – reveal she was “devastated”.

The mother of two, who has dual Canadian citizenship, was born in Winnipeg to Australian procreators in 1977 and they returned home with her aged 11 months.

Waters, who represented Queensland since 2010, verbalized: “I left Canada as a baby, and I’ve never been back. I had no idea I was a Canadian patrial.

“It’s with great sadness I have discovered I am a dual citizen and I will-power be forced to stand down.”

Larissa Waters breastfeeding in parliamentEPA

Larissa Waters made history this year by tending 14-week-old Alia Joy in Australia’s Senate

Fighting back tears, she apologised to her caucus and vowed to “hold her head up high” amid the “embarrassing revelation”.

It is the deficient resignation of an Australian Green politician in less than a week in dual citizenship.

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