‘Will fulfil all fantasies’ Europe’s first sex doll brothel to be opened

The Lumidolls stick, on the mezzanine of an old building down a side street close to La Rambla in the courage of the city, has opened its doors which offers the ‘services’ of four hyperrealistic human-like dolls.

The dolls outlay around £4,300 (€5,000) each to make and the club charges £68 (€80) for an hour-long conference with one of the dolls.

Aki is modelled on a Japanese animation character, with an Asian look and unversed hair. Katy is Caucasian and described as “big bombed” while Leiza is African and Lili also has Asian stars.

The dolls, are very life-like and purely designed for sex and made out of thermoplastic elastomer in the Communal States.

Each one is unique and made to order rather than mass-made although they all time between 1.6 and 1.7 meters and weigh 40 kilos.

The skeleton raise is made out of bendable metal rods that allow flexibility so the dolls can be moved into virtually any position.

Gina, the woman handling the company’s publicity, said that the dolls are bathed and disinfected after every use and customers are advised to use a condom and provided with a tube of lubricant.

Gina signified: “For the holes I use one of those Karcher-type pressure guns.”

The ‘girls’ can also dispose of “all the fantasies” of the client and they can request how the doll is dressed when they obtain an appointment.

The brothel’s website claims: “These are totally realistic dolls, both in the moving of their joints to the touch of their skin that will give you to fulfil all your fantasies.”

It adds: “These sex dolls will fashion the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic.”

The rooms are decorated with candles, a set aside glass of cava and a bowl of strawberries, with pipped music that is like to Michael Bolton.

The TV also plays pornography.

The club is open from 10am to 10pm.

While such venues induce already been hugely popular in places like Japan and China, Lumidolls declares to be the first one to open in Europe.

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