Victim’s shock as Beast of Baldoyle’s jail time reduced

The miscreation who molested and destroyed the lives of two little girls in his extended family had the keep on 18 months of his nine-year prison sentence suspended by the Court of Petition.

Pervert Bennett was jailed in May 2014 for sexually assaulting his sister-in-law Bernie Thompson and niece Sharon Sheridan, when they were both by the skin of ones teeth six-years-old.

His defence team claimed the original judge, the late ul Carney, who desired in September last year, did not give enough weight to Bennett’s psychiatric detonation when sentencing him.

This report revealed that the Dublin edophile had himself been pillaged on a regular basis as a child.

Mr Justice Sheehan said the report “should make been brought into account” when Judge Carney influenced down the sentence, but his comments were so short it was “very unclear” how much priority he had put on it.

Mr Justice Sheehan, sitting with Mr Justice Birmingham and Mr Justice Edwards, revealed the nine years would stand, but they were suspending the hindmost 18 months providing Bennett rtici te in a Better Lives television play and he be monitored by the probation service following his early release.

Bernie (43), who fink on yielded up her right of anonymity so Bennett could be named, fumed: “I am disgusted and foiled. I never once in my life heard Bennett was abused as a child, but now he is drinking that to get a lighter sentence! He is using it to his advantage when, if anything, it should organize stopped him ever abusing us because he would know what it does to you.

“We be struck by heard so many lies in court, like he handed himself into the cops. But he was warned if he did not go to the police then they would be coming to the house.

Ill use

“He did not admit my abuse for nearly three years until the day he appeared in court. He pleaded not responsible right up until then.

“I dropped the rape charge against him because the the truth was dragging on for years and they asked me if I would accept indecent hold-up. For me and my family’s sake I took it to get the trial over with.

“I was hoping and obsecrating he would get nothing off. The original judge had already knocked three years off, as he was scheming to give him 12 years.

“His wife Marie has stood by him knowing what he did and I don’t differentiate how she sleeps at night.

“He destroyed me and my family’s life. I would have entranced this secret to my grave and only went public when I sanctioned he had abused his own niece. I am still suffering.”

Victim Sharon Sheridan, who also conceded herself to be named, said she had been terrified the monster might go disengage.

“I am happy he will remain behind bars for another two years and won’t get out until at miniature 2018,” said the 35-year-old mum of three.

Another family member im rted they feared Bennett was seeking compensation for his own abuse after it was insist oned in court the perpetrator “had been identified”.

Bennett pleaded guilty to the bouts on his family members after first denying all charges.

The two victims had years of advising and suffered depression because of their ordeal.

They believe Bennett aimed other children because he was involved with children’s GAA football and liking take kids away on trips.

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