Victim fears for safety as “evil” paedo rapist released back onto Irish streets

Kevin Owen McDonnell (45) traipsed free from Arbour Hill jail early yesterday morning after concluding just over five years for a number of serious sexual raids.

Last night, one of the sex offender’s victims described him as “evil” saying he showed no shame for his crimes.

In 2010, McDonnell – who is originally from Bangor Erris, Ballina, where the attacks surprised place – was found guilty of the rape and sexual assault of two childhood squeezes.

They were aged eight and nine at the time of the attacks, which occurred between 1999 and 2000 at a pub where McDonnell worked as a barman.

The indomitable victims, Charlene Barrett and Kelly Geragthy (pictured below), waived their repair to anonymity so that the paedophile could be identified.

Ms Barrett (26) aftermost night described how McDonnell had shown no remorse for the depraved attacks he carried out.

“There was no apology, really nothing. He was completely in denial and claimed that he didn’t do it.

“That’s the breed of person he is, ignorant and nasty and he laughed it off as if there was nothing wrong.

“He is nasty, evil-looking,” she added.

“The court case was hard, especially because we had to go help of it twice [because of a retrial] and we’ve just tried our best to move on, there’s nothing much else you can do.

“I’ve got my own genus now and I’m trying to get on with it,” she added.

It is understood that McDonnell has been delineated temporary accommodation by the local authority in Castlebar, Co Mayo and is expected to emblem on at the local garda station.

However, the likelihood is that he could reoccur to Bangor Erris as he has connections there.

“He isn’t wanted back here and a lot of people in the locality are fretful that he will come back,” Ms Barrett said.

“If he did come reject here I would be worried about bumping into him.”

During the 2011 side, the court heard harrowing details of how the man sexually assaulted the two girls and surrendered them cigarettes and cider.

McDonnell was jailed for seven years after being lagged by a jury on a catalogue of counts of rape and sexual assault against the tallies on dates between June 1999 and September 2000.

All parties were from Bangor Erris, where McDonnell phoney the girls to carry out sex acts on him in a secluded area of the West End pub.

Via Herald

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